Acheloo – Dream

Acheloo - Dream

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Acheloo – Dream

“Dream” is the third album by Italian composer Carlo Luzi, aka Acheloo, released by David Wright’s at AD Music label. It continues his journey into spherical and overtly relaxed electronic music.

His exquisite blend of delicately flowing electronic pads and guitar during the 58-minute ambient ride indeed paints a profound dreamy setting, bearing a feel of lightness that’s most pleasant to both ears and mind. The gentle current of continuous cosmic streams occasionally becomes lyrical, as on “Light Dream”, besides the overall sonic landscape on the full album being emotive all the way.

The tranquility and slightly darker current encountered in Acheloo’s profound atmospheric sketches is complemented by some more upfront e-guitar and intimate sequencing on the two-part “Ephemeral Promises”, “Winter Light” and “New Horizons”.

Except some weary and less expressive passages, “Dream” makes a nice listen (though not as good as “Ishtar”).


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