Adelbert von Deyen – Atmosphere

Adelbert von Deyen - Atmosphere

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Adelbert von Deyen – Atmosphere
LP/CD, Sky Records, 1980/1992

This might sound strange, but this is my first encounter with the classic music of German Em-composer Adelbert von Deyen. “Atmosphere”, his third album, is the only one from his back catalogue that made it to a factory-pressed cd next to a Best-of album.

Although we’re talking about classic analogue music here, the music presented here can’t be classified as original nor does it show a talented, visionary musician at work. Moreover, one could say there’s some serious copy-cat activity going one here, following in the footsteps of Schulze. That’s not automatically something bad, but when that recipe is transformed into song-like manner, with blissful, non-risky synth pads or any adventurous track development, one can expect the worst.

Still, with a bit of persistence and good will, the first two pieces (the drum-driven “Timemachine” and the Pink Floyd-ish “Silverrain”) make a quite enjoyable listen. But moving to the 34-minute title track split in two parts, things simply turn into cheesy, easy-going and predictable musings to make this any interesting and (above all) inspired cosmic music. Although one can link this to Teutonic EM to some degree and the beautiful sound of vintage instruments of those days, the overall outcome of “Atmosphere” proves meager, not satisfactory and at times even quite annoying to my ears.

The remastered music that ended up on cd contains several flaws and distortive bits while sounding rather thin on several spots.



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