Adelbert von Deyen – Painted Black

Adelbert von Deyen - Painted Black

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Adelbert von Deyen – Painted Black
CD-R, Private Release, 2006

Who remembers this Schulze “copy-cat” from the begin of the ’80? After several lp’s von Deyen decided to quit music in 1991 after the unfortunate death of his friend Dieter Schütz.
Quite a surprise when he showed up on several music forums where he announced had released this new album after almost all these years of silence, which he describes as “harmonic powerful electronic rock”.

Well, listening to this album almost got me into a state of shock, as the music featured here is something to be ashamed of.
The ten tracks sound futile and very amateurish. The tunes are flat and very simple as they seem to come from a cheap toy keyboard.
In addition, the drum computer sounds like a piece of plastic.

This music can’t be taken seriously in any way, so I’d like to recommend these 41 minutes of crap to no one except the musician himself.



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