Aes Dana – (a)period

Aes Dana - (a)period


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Aes Dana – (a)period
CD/LP/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Ultimae Records, 2021

Vincent Villuis, operating under the Aes Dana guise for many years by now, is composer, sound designer, Dj & co-owner of the French Ultimae-label. “(a)period” is a 72-minute cinematic aural canvas, an extended echo of longing, conceptwise going a similar road as Steve Roach travelled for “As it is”.

In its own emotive manner it explores times of forlornness and oblivion instignated by the lengthy period of social isolation prompted by the Covid pandemic. As as such it features melancholic soundspheres for introspection, soul searching and in the finding contemplation. The 10- bittersweet ambient tracks of “(a)period” all descend in a gloomy, desolate soundworld (next to a few subtle sequenced parts such as “Haphazard” and the smooth“Overpass”) with melancholic, sensitive chord progressions to intense, submersive yet haunting effect. Rest me to say the intimate isolationism is up-front and imminent when one immerses in “(a)period’s” depth with quality headphones or played on a high-end audio system.


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