Aes Dana – Pollen

Aes Dana - Pollen

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Aes Dana – Pollen
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Ultimae Records, 2012

In the last month of 2012, the French Ultimae label treats its fans with another fine down-tempo release. It comes on the account of Vincent Villuis, aka Aes Dana, also known as co-owner of the Lyon-based quality label that continues promoting panoramic music for panoramic people around the globe.

The 77-minute all-instrumental “Pollen”, a kind of follow-up to Aes Danas previous album “Perimeters”, features futuristic, progressive and rich sounding electronic music where evocative atmospheres merge with loops, assorted crystal crispy effects, field recordings, groovy sequencers, minimal beats and organic down-tempo rhythms.

The transparent and constantly transforming sound painting is best listened to in one go. It journeys through hypnotizing, but dark-shaded environs, revealing an eccentric and occasionally also quirky and psychedelic approach, while various dance-oriented tracks also fly by (such as “Conditioned”, the excellent “Tree.Some”, “The Meeting Point” and the mesmerizing “Horizontal Rain”).

All in all, Aes Danas sixth album is a solid, expertly mixed and mastered release offering a warm, consistent set of compositions that’s also a true challenge for any high-end sound system.
Nice going, Vincent.


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