AirSculpture – Doom Bar

AirSculpture - Doom Bar

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AirSculpture – Doom Bar
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2009

“Doom Bar”, recorded at a band retreat in Cornwall in the spring of 2008, is totally commited to abstract and more experimental ambient music lacking any of the band’s sequences.

The 48-minute title track, recorded in one take, is a mysterious, slow morphing and evolving liquidish ambience of textures, found sounds, sound effects and only small bits of percussion. Once in a while it reminds of the darkening, ghostly atmospheres featured on TD’s “Phaedra”, but I feel the overall mood is much starker and unsettling. The last ten minutes though are made up of lovely harmonic and ethereal spacy tapestries.

The almost 15-minute soundscape “Voter Run” following next is referred to as an extract from a longer set that developed in a totally different direction, at first reflecting a kindred foreboding, surreal and isolationist feel, then morphing into more gentle spherics as on the previous track.

All in all, Airsculpture’s dark ambient debut (which would fit in the roster of the Malignant Records label) is quite demanding and a hard nut to crack but rewarding when one takes the time to submerge in it.


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