AirSculpture – Graveyard Shift

AirSculpture - Graveyard Shift

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AirSculpture – Graveyard Shift
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2015

This music on this 64-minute album hails back to 2006 when AirSculpture were over the pond visiting Philadelphia to play at The Gatherings concert series. The recording found here though is from the gig played at Chuck van Zyl’s Stars End radio show. Their they played their distinctive style based around powerful sequencing, expressive melodic improvisations, deep space ambience and real hands-on performances, all with a nod and wink to mid ’70s Berlin sound.

The 53-minute title piece alone is a feast of deep spheres, captivating melodic lines and percolating sequences where a great trail of vibrant energy and emotive currents runs through. Halfway, there’s a moody interlude of choir pads, mellotron flutes and textures before the whole is set in sequenced motion once more. The cosmic breath surfacing briefly around the 35-minute mark is tantalizing. Thereafter, a slab of TD’s “Ricochet” is revived on the 10-minute “Argent Engine”. The improvised nature makes there are a few mistakes and mishaps, but the fun of hearing this electronic magic happen in the moment makes you forget this easily.

“Graveyard Shift” is available as professionally produced cd-r and download.


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