AirSculpture – Vanishing Point Volume One

AirSculpture - Vanishing Point Volume One


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AirSculpture – Vanishing Point Volume One
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2015

The UK-trio AirSculpture is at their element when they perform live, improvised and in the moment, which has been documented by several releases by now. “Vanishing Point Vol. 1” contains almost 80 minutes of music played on radio (Star’s End, Secret Music) and concert performances (One Thousand Pulses) during our 2011 tour of the USA.

Meticulous spheres, sequences and rhythms gel beautifully on each of the five pieces, pouring inspiration from old school electronics (great mellotron sounds!) while transferring it into a contemporary sound design where energetic vibes and moody intros/interludes interact and strengthen eachother.

I personally have a weak spot for the atmospheric sketches and intimate sound paintings layed down here, and e.g. making up the full “Boardwalking”, the biggest part of “Ranger Station” or the gentle waves and mellotron pads featured on the closing piece “Jersey Greys”. In addition, it’s great to immerse in the emotive, hypnotizing current of the 25-minute “Necrophone”.

Suffice to say if you’re a longtime and/or avid AirSculpture fan, this glowing release (of which Vol. 2 is scheduled for the second half of 2015) simply belongs in your collection. These guys still go strong after so many years, they simply go all the way and don’t disappoint on any track found here.


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