AirSculpture – Vanishing Point Volume Two

AirSculpture - Vanishing Point Volume Two

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AirSculpture – Vanishing Point Volume Two
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2016

This follow-up to Volume 1 features the music played live in concert at The Gatherings 2011 concert in Philadelphia USA. What strikes quite a bit is the imminent cinematic yet darker quality embedded in the highly improvised often abstract-oriented ambient/soundscape outcome on the first disc contrary to the swirling dynamics on the other one.

The 46-minute “Infinite Halt” even has some eerie, foreboding passages bringing extra tension to the result. Energetic moments are present though as well when Berlin School sequencers enter the stage later on.

Although the sound of the pieces on the second disc has some occasional distortion it holds a special and intense charm for me. This applies especially to the title piece where the blend of slow patterns, sequences and gentle rhythms form a spacious aural canvas that keeps evolving in various levels of energy during the captivating 47-minute ride. Next to that, the realm of vintage TD and powerful spatial sequencing are at the centre of the tantalizing “The Main and Great Proposition”. The few spoken words on the release, and especially those at the end of the second cd should have been cut out though.
Fans of AirSculpture should be pleased with this release.


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