AirSculpture – Widely Spaced

AirSculpture - Widely Spaced

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AirSculpture – Widely Spaced
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2022

Same as for many others, the covid pandemic deprived the AirSculpture trio of meeting up in person and jamming together. After many hardships and setbacks they found a way to get things done eventually, so work continued on the music they had planned to perform live in fall 2020 for the Stars End Gatherings concert series bypassing music files between the members and building it up.

Well, the continuous one-hour outcome is an energetic and dynamic one addressing a whole range of spaced-out and down-to-earth moody atmospheres where the AirSculpture-DNA is very much alive and kicking. It’s a journey showcasing various shifts between strings of mysterious soundscapes along with symphonic pads as well as a couple of experimental-infused sidesteps popping up during the ride. The first highlight is the constellation of freeform heavenly spheres evolving gently from the 20-minute mark on, as such creating a mesmerizing, elevating ambience. Berlin School sequences, additional warm pads, and a gentle solo voice fade in around the 28-minute mark, giving wings to what is appropriately named widely spaced.

There are actually quite some dramatic currents and twists scattered over the whole recording with a vintage vibe featuring catchy beats/sequences kicking in around the 40-minute mark. The first half of the final 10 minutes are dressed with deep basslines and can be labeled up-tempo due to its dancy rhythm before we space out into the wide-open near the outro.

I for one feel this exciting blend of AirSculpture soundings (again) is not to miss out on. Rating: between 3.5 and 4 stars.


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