Airwaves – Ambient Tracks

Airwaves - Ambient Tracks

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Airwaves – Ambient Tracks
CD, Opcion Sonica, 1994

Due to the kind gesture of Gregory Kyryluk I was able to get to know this album of quiet ambient/space music, which was composed by the (Mexican?) composer Oscar Menzel, aka Airwaves.
“Ambient Tracks” –which seems to be hard to find these days- contains seven electronic music pieces creating a very pleasant and overall relaxing mood.

Flowing textural atmospheres already make your mind wander nicely in the opening track “Where Time becomes a Loop”, after which a slight otherworldly touch is added as “Reality Engine” announces itself with murmuring voices at the begin and end, next to some sedate female singing mingled with the intimate soundscapes.
The spacy textural realms of “Fractal Gaze” breath a certain flair of what was later also reflected in the music of Alpha Wave Movement. Sitar samples open “The Neon Shiva”, an atmospheric chill-out piece that nicely wanders along.

Things get livelier on “When Airwaves Swing”, a nicely sequenced outing with a more pronounced and powerful sound architecture, without getting loud. Beautiful but quiet retro choirs are found on “Fire Wind”, to which some lofty solo sound pads are added. Short-spoken word is found at the start of the closing piece “To Clear the mind”, leading into a smooth and drifting space to make things settle down.

It all makes “Ambient Tracks” an intriguing sonic dwelling. Recommended.


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