Airwaves – Biomechanical

Airwaves - Biomechanical

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Airwaves – Biomechanical
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Carpe Sonum Records, 2001/2018

Here’s an invitation for a trip out of the ordinary. “Biomechanical” is an archival recording from deceased Mexican synthesist Oscar Menzel, probably composed between 1999 and 2001.

The sparkling, crystalline sounding 60-minute/9-track outcome created with analogue equipment only offers a contemporary sounding trip taking the listener into a world fantastic, surreal and psychedelic with occasional ethnic-oriental flavors. Even the thought of an ongoing fever dream crossed my mind as I submerged in the continous stream of sounds.

The aural painting mixes modern with ambient soundwizardy as it suspends and evolves in another dimension, even daring to step into an abstract/experimental and creepy realm on “Phosphorescent Green Gas…” found halfway. “Sunset Mists Distant Peaks” opens the doorway to symphonic-infused, tranquil soundscapes despite a current of tension, subtle darkness and eerieness being present on all tracks. The final track “A Little Twilight Moment” features an ambient drift out of the stark, halucinogenic and alienating.

I’d say “Biomechanical” is awkward, unpredictable, most adventurous and no easy cup of tea though spreading a fascinating aural scent when you let it in. For sure it’s an album needing various spins to discover its various layers and dephts.


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