Akikaze – Fantasmagora

Akikaze - Fantasmagora

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Akikaze – Fantasmagora
CD, Criminal Records, 1996

“Fantasmagora” is the second cd-release of Pepijn Courant on which he reverts to old work from about 12 years ago that he has reworked and polished for this cd production. It features four long “parts” with a strong classical-symphonic as well as an unusual slant. We hear a lot of sampled wind instruments, such as trumpet (sometimes with a James Last-touch), saxophone, with a not too nice sounding piano next to it, with in the last part also a portion of soprano vocals. At times it seemed to have nil affinity with Geoff Downes’ “The Light Program”, but that quickly blew over. I also had the impression that Pepijn erred a bit in these long pieces, I think the turnout when he sticked to shorter tracks. The third piece tends, also in terms of construction, very much towards Mike Oldfield (“Ommadawn”).

Yet the overall disc remains somewhat superficial, simply lacking some much-needed warmth on too many spots. It’s also makes it difficult to compare with anything else. The latter could be considered a plus, but in my opinion makes “Fantasmagora” a bit of an oddity in the symphonic-tinted electronic music genre.


Website: www.akikaze.nl

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