Alby Potts – Dreaming for Real

Alby Potts - Dreaming for Real

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Alby Potts – Dreaming for Real
CD, Private Release, 1999/2004

Dreaming for Real” is the debut album of one Alby Potts, an American composer and pianist who works in many musical genres including musical theater, chamber music and film scoring.
The album is now available in a remastered form, containing a new version of the fifth track which more closely reflects the original concept of the piece. The album originated in music that Alby dreamt while asleep, then recorded after waking.

The outcome is a lush symphonic piece of strongly visual music full of synth-strings and piano which indeed feels like a celebration of dreams. The swirling, romantic chords carry lots of emotion, their soft lingerings almost make your mind fly as the nicely orchestrated pieces evolve in slow pace.

Mr Potts has succeeded in carefully transforming the various sounds of the night in a beautiful suite. One that reaches for the heavens but which also stays close to our own thoughts and feelings.
It sounds quite original and makes your mind settle down and linger for an hour.
At times it’s a bit soft, but overall the 14 composities are well done.



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