Alex Farhoud – (A + M)²

Alex Farhoud - (A + M)²

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Alex Farhoud – (A + M)²
CD, Audiogram, 1988

Compared to “Nosso Nosso”, I characterize the music on Faroud’s album “(A + M)²” as a totally different sonic breed. The ten easy-going tracks feature a very light and faceless style of music that can line up next to muzak and new age without effort.

Next to a low sound volume, the synth chords (along some bass guitar and uninspired rhythms on certain pieces) come along just flat and amateurish, with an occasional exotic element, (voice) sample or sequence thrown in. Here no magical aural trails or captivating excursions in sound, just pointless synth musings that lack direction, dimension and effect on all fronts.

The bland “(A + M)²” simply misses out on everything that made the debut special.



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