Alex Farhoud – Nosso Nosso

Alex Farhoud - Nosso Nosso

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Alex Farhoud – Nosso Nosso
LP/CD, Racket Records/Rubicon Records, 1988/1992

In the fast days of modern society, we sometimes need some music to slide back to the slow lane of things.
At the end of the ‘80’s/start of the ‘90’s, Canadian composer Alex Farhoud created “Nosso Nosso”, (in Japanese the silence you provoke within), which offers the listener a sonic tool to reconnect to our inner sound and thus discover the silence within.

Sonically, the albums new age music opens up the path to silence with ethereal string pads, gentle acoustic guitar, sounds of surf and slow drifting textures. Things are kept simple but most effective on this soft recording, with the 3-part “Khâl” as highlight. A lovely but holdback symphonic style though surfaces on “Just a Child”.

“Nosso Nosso” as such makes an overall sedate and relaxing work with an occasional cheesy side step. It works great as mental massage and is uplifting in spirit.



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