Alex Theory & Daniel Pinchbeck – Emergence 2012

Alex Theory & Daniel Pinchbeck - Emergence 2012

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Alex Theory & Daniel Pinchbeck – Emergence 2012
CD, Sounds True, 2009

“Emergence 2012” is a rather peculiar ambient release by San Francisco-based ambient-sound technician/sound healing visionary Alex Theory and philosopher-journalist Daniel Pinchbeck.

Inspired by Baktuns, the cycles of the classical Mayan calendar, the shamanic and healing music of “Emergence 2012” is presented as a soundtrack for global evolution.

The 67-minute meditative outcome infuses psychoacoustic rhythms with the chants of ayahuasca shamans, flute and natural harmonics found deep within the forests of South America, together creating a pleasant and moody atmosphere to dwell in.
The immersive, lush and architectonic soundscapes of “Emergence 2012” tell their own story, as they take the listener through a fascinating, chill-out journey through an archaic underworld of jungle sounds and shamanic shivers.

The ethnic elements give the well executed music hints toward the music of “Suspended Memories”, but overall moves on a different and not such in-depth level while it creates it own spacious, trance-induced state-of-being.



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