Alexander Saykov – Mistral

Alexander Saykov - Mistral


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Alexander Saykov – Mistral
CD, Gterma, 2013

“Mistral” was originally released as a digital-only album on Cold Tear Records in October 2012, but now received a proper factory-pressed cd release of which the content has been continuously mixed and expanded upon.

The almost 80-minute outcome was made by Moscow-based composer Alexander Saykov, who hereby presents a meticulous collection of deep, contemplative techno, electronic and ambient music evoking sweeping, serene and at times even melancholic-flavored mood-tapestries.

This is no quiet soundscape music though. The use of smooth, deep beats and catchy rhythms affiliated with down-tempo add an extra touch to introspective, slightly minimal-oriented instrumental musings, which keep on breathing a gentle (or should I say elevating?) touch as the intrinsic-energetic, always vibrant and highly transparent sounding journey progresses and keeps changing shape.

I very much like the circular patterns encountered throughout this release which push things forward without the outcome becoming too busy or prominent. It actually makes excellent music while driving long distances. Some remarkable tracks found here are “Mistral Part VI” and “Move On” (remix). I imagine the Ultimae-label would have loved to release this album.

A.P.’s fine mastering job and John Rehn’s editing simply make this disc shine all the way. “Mistral” is highly recommended throughout.



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