Alien Nature – Anna

Alien Nature - Anna

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Alien Nature – Anna
CD-R, Syngate, 2006/2007

“Anna” is the second album by the German musician Wolfgang Barkowski, aka Alien Nature, but also known as one half of the project Hypnosphere.

To me, it’s an album with a typical German sound. It features whale and environmental sounds, which are melted with contemporary, fairly melodic and accessible electronica.

When hearing the opening track “Theme for Anna”, one almost immediately feels things can’t get too get complicated on this album.
The overall sequencing on all and the other six tracks are rather nice, but there are several solo’s which are way too simple while some rhythms sound thin to my ears.
This is especially shown on the fourth track “Endolphine”, where the solo voices sound too harsh as well.

Nevertheless, I’m sure this album will be a good bet for the average fan of electronic music.



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