Alio Die – Deconsecrated and Pure

Alio Die - Deconsecrated and Pure

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Alio Die – Deconsecrated and Pure

“Deconsecrated and Pure” by Alio Die (aka Italian ambient-acoustic composer Stefano Musso) is a work of minimal sonic art where electronic music meets infinite loops, acoustic drones, sounds of metal and glass, bagpipe, stringed instruments, sacral voices and field recordings. It enters a profound liturgic but also timeless realm where the constant modulation and fine tuning of all sonic elements is key.

The 65-minutes of rather circular and profounf ethereal music, presented in five lengthy pieces, takes the listener into a sacred world of stilllness and introspection, while tapping into medieval spheres and passed religious times.

The first piece, the 15-minute “Layers of Faith”, is my personal (and only) highlight on this disc: its contemplative aura of sonically tampered Middle Eastern horns is hauntingly beautiful, emotive and expressive.

In addition, there are some processed vocal/choir pieces of 16th century Venetian Renaissance composer Claudio Merulo featured on the following tracks, mingled with the gentle flow of sonorous soundscape textures. It even deepens the religious feel, although it’s a pity there’s occasionally some distortion to be heard as well.

The organic sound alchemy of “Deconsecrated and Pure” is a deep trance experience connecting the cosmic with the ethereal, holiness and transcendent

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