Alio Die & Jack or Jive – Mei Jyu

Alio Die & Jack or Jive - Mei Jyu

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Alio Die & Jack or Jive – Mei Jyu
CD, Projekt, 2005

“Mei-Jyu” is a concept album inspired by Zen practice, composed by Alio Die (aka Stefano Musso) and the Japanese duo Jack or Jive.

The rather serene music consists of nine tracks of rather non-rhythmic, mystic/melancholical ambient of etheral voices (of which parts made me think of Jim Cole), textures, drones, flute and sounds of nature.
The overall peaceful music features highly atmospheric, dark kindred ambient textures designed to be nurtured in a meditative state.

After listening to it for over 71 minutes, I can’t say the music could convince me nor keep my attention in any way.


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