Alio Die & Parallel Worlds – Circo Divino

Alio Die & Parallel Worlds -Circo Divino

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Alio Die & Parallel Worlds – Circo Divino
CD, Hic Sunt Leones, 2010

“Circo Divino”, which comes in very nicely designed digipack, is a collaborative project between Alio Die (aka Italian ambient composer Stefano Musso) and Greek vintage synthesist Parallel Worlds (aka Bakis Siros).

Both these musicians have already proved what they are capable of in previous years, solo or together with other musicians. “Circo Divino” however, realized between 2008 and 2009, adds a new dimension to that.

What both the musicians and the label defy as “a hybrid sonic world, made out of bouncing electrons and air vibrations” is actually an adventurous and challenging melange of ambient musings: Stefano’s acoustic instruments (zither, carrilon), electronic and looped drone tapestries melt with Bakis’ intriguing excursions in the spaces of vintage synth-wizardy, topped by the ethereal, soothing voice of the Polish vocalist/composer India Czajkowska on three tracks (which are more abstract and experimental oriented than the others.

I must say the 53-minute outcome is rather surreal, at times repetitive and minimal, with tad of an abstract edge to it as well. Bakis’ input is organic and grainy, just giving the music the right pulse to make it morph, although I have troubles appreciating the abstract/experimental form of tracks such as “Sorinel”.

Personally, I very much enjoyed the hypnotizing and watery spheres encountered in the non-vocal pieces, especially in the soft breathing spaces of “Nuvole di Palissandro” and the title track.

All in all, the six mind-altering, not too easy ambient compositions of “Circo Divino” descent into a pit filled with mystical darkness and micro sound elements, dissolving reality into a place were mental and physical boundaries have no need to exist.

“Circo Divino” is available as cd or lp, both limited to 500 copies each.


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