Alio Die & Parallel Worlds – Elusive Metaphor

Alio Die & Parallel Worlds - Elusive Metaphor

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Alio Die & Parallel Worlds – Elusive Metaphor
CD, Hic Sunt Leones, 2015

Compared to the duos previous recording “Circo Divino”, the listener will run into a much more ambient-oriented outcome on “Elusive Metaphor”. Then again, the sonic outcome of their previous effort wasn’t really matching my taste, proving quite a challenge to listen to and find appreciation for. Like its predecessor, the artwork of the newbie again is very tasteful and classical.

The 7-track/53-minute release again features the soundscape textures of many modulars along some distinct industrial elements firmly rooted in the organic realm, all incorporated in immersive and mysterious drone paintings that seem out of this world and even ethereal and rather liquid at times. The overall sound current with a distinct sense of morphing movement though breaths a calmness and dreaminess, curling up to psychedelic form or an entrance to the fantastic occasionally.

The moody, introspective and sedate spheres surface especially nice on “Wordless Arcanum”, “Dissolved Heaven” and “Fragile Imagery”, all found in the albums midsection. Next, the ambient musings head into the abstract-oriented realms of “Where we are not”, then gently settle down into the morphing, cyclic spherics of the final piece “Roundabout Mirages”, which near the end seems to dissolve in the mists of time.

Overall, sonic comfort and something challenging that’s hard to express in words form the heart of the fascinating and well-made “Elusive Metaphor”, another nice audio trip for all who have a knack for quality deeper listening ambient.


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