Alpha Lyra – Between Cloud and Sky

Alpha Lyra - Between Cloud and Sky

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Alpha Lyra – Between Cloud and Sky
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, PWM Distribution, 2016

With his album “Between Cloud and Sky”, French synthesist Christian Piednoir (aka Alpha Lyra) delivers a 60-minute album full of light, warm and heavenly-dreamy soundscapes along a few sequences. In the distance, the gentle outcome with symphonic characteristics, repetive structures and celestial vocal pads reveals influences of classic Schulze when smooth solo-voices show up. I can’t say though the latter enhances the moody, soft spiraling aural vapour nor makes it more appealing.

In a way, this slightly new-age flavored music somewhat reminds of the uplifting atmospheric works of Peter Challoner and Thom Brennan but doesn’t create the same impact in the end.


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