Alpha Lyra – From Berlin to Paris

Alpha Lyra - From Berlin to Paris

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Alpha Lyra – From Berlin to Paris
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, PWM Distribution, 2013

Alpha Lyra is an electronic music project by French composer Christian Piednoir, who performs at concerts in France next to MoonSatellite. At first, the opening piece “Berlin 600 AM” remained a kind of an outsider track for me, but after several spins it started to grow on me.

Instead, I immediately submerged in the nicely rendered spherics displayed on the second piece “Unter den Linden”, clearly inspired by Ashra’s minimal sequencing but expanded with celestial, lush textures and even adding a joyful touch. The 19-minute title piece is quiet and emotive, reminding of the smooth, free form sound journeys of Schulze besides a few melancholic passages.

The drifting atmospherics featured on the first 8 minutes of “Beaubourg 16:00 PM” are also really up my alley, followed by a short passage of harsher soundings destroying the harmonic sphere before things slide back to the intimate realm. The right balance is found on the final track “Midnight in Paris”, which gently breaths the intrinsic beauty and calmness of the Berliner School through all veins of its freeform soundscapes and choir pads. It makes a beautiful and immersive conclusion indeed.


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