Alpha Lyra & MoonSatellite – Live in Nancy 2013

Alpha Lyra & MoonSatellite - Live in Nancy 2013

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Alpha Lyra & MoonSatellite – Live in Nancy 2013
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, PWM Distribution, 2014

What I got here is a double album comprising two concerts that took place on March 9 and 10 2013 in Nancy, France, performed by Christian Piednoir (aka Alpha Lyra) and Marc Perbal (aka MoonSatellite) respectively.

Alpha Lyra fills the first cd with an atmospheric set in which quite some choir pads and sedate ambient textures pass by. It’s not as captivating as I thought it to be, as there are some weary passages that made me lose my interest at times. Fortunately, the disc ends much stronger as he rounds out with fine pieces such as “Beaubourg”and “Unter den Linden”.

How different things turn out for MoonSatellite who fills the second disc with his evocative 76-minute set. Marc’s music integrates the tasty ingredients of melodic Berliner School and connects it almost seamlessly with some glowing classic Jarre-spheres. In addition, the sequencing and rhythms give his music just the right backbone while some of his pads can line up next to contemporary Schulze. It’s a pity though the last piece (“Missing Time part I” is less strong compared to the previous five pieces.
Still, this cd alone will please many EM-fans.

You can see what reviews I have done of these artists on their respective pages; Alpha Lyra and Moonsatellite


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