Alpha Lyra – Sailing over the Sea

Alpha Lyra - Sailing over the Sea

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Alpha Lyra – Sailing  over the Sea

CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, PWM Distribution, 2023

During the years I´ve heard quite a bit of the work of French composer Christian Piednoir, aka Alpha Lyra, but it never was able to move me emotionally. After a break of many years, I decided to give it another shot with “Sailing over the Sea” which contains four lengthy, calm ambient pieces all roaming in freeform dreamscape territory with an occasional slight rhythmic hint. Still, the outcome doesn’t affect me much, it all feels lightweight and missing clear direction despite various attempts to reach out to elevating, celestial realms without actually getting there. The textures and pads aren’t clinical but warm, and evocative either.

I simply feel there are much better works and artists in this genre, like the ambient projects appearing on the Australian Valley View Records label for example…

Rating: 3-


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