Alpha Wave Movement – Cosmology

Alpha Wave Movement - Cosmology


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Alpha Wave Movement – Cosmology
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2003

On his cd “Cosmology”, Gregory Kyryluk alias Alpha Wave Movement moves into a grand way: the album sounds more massive, dynamic and orchestral than before, with a few references here and there to progressive electronic music of the ’70.

Opener “Prologue Sequence” takes off with marvellous sounds and transitions before we enter the 15 minute “Teutonic Voyage”, which offers tranquil cosmic atmospheres which slowly built into a rhythmic one where the better calibre sequences are used.

Like “Teutonic Voyage”, “Sailing Moon” is a not to be missed live-recording with his musical companion Christopher Cameron with whom Gregory also forms Thought Guild. It’s a introspective soundscape with intriguing overtone-voice from Jim Cole.

In the other tracks on the cd you’ll encounter the same inviting “drive” with stirring sequencers and inviting melodies, which can also can turn out simple but effective like features in “Rendezvous”.

All in all, a highly recommended cd of excellent sound quality!


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