Alpha Wave Movement – Architexture of Silence

Alpha Wave Movement - Architecture of Silence

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Alpha Wave Movement – Architexture of Silence
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Harmonic Resonance Recordings, 2013

On an irregular basis, I absolutely love to listen to some sophisticated ambient music in the final hours of the day or in early night time. It gives an opportunity to reflect a bit on things and put the mind to rest before turning to bed. The following recording is most suitable for such occasions.

“Architexture of Silence”, the 18th release by Alpha Wave Movement, sees the return of composer Gregory Kyryluk using a very minimal hardware (0% software synthesis) setup and no computer-based sequencing whatsoever. He actually relied on an old-school hardware sequencer as a sketch pad while carefully shaping and sculpting the five gentle movements (all ranging between 10 and 14 minutes in length) that would end up as this full-length cosmic album.

The freeform and neatly structured outcome is subtle and tranquil, taking on slow turns and shapes as it progresses in a fluid, transparent tapestry of soft shimmering and slow morphing (drone)textures. It’s not exactly meditative, but harmonic with a certain soothing, minimal current running underneath.

I recommend listening to “Architexture of Silence” with a good pair of headphones and at low volume to get the full aural pleasure.


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