Alpha Wave Movement – Celestial Chronicles

Alpha Wave Movement - Celestial Chronicles

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Alpha Wave Movement – Celestial Chronicles
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Harmonic Resonance Recordings, 2014

Despite a high speed schedule of new releases in recent years under various aliases, Mr Kyryluk always established to secure quality in there. “Celestial Chronicles” takes its listeners into the deeper voids of space, time and audio permutations, painting imaginary landscapes of distant cosmic horizons and atmospheric spectacular in the vast spaces that make up the galaxy.

The seven-track outcome radiates a nice sense of mystery and adventure without becoming the least uncomfortable. After a moody, free form intro piece, it takes its listener on its back without much effort by the gentle beats and lush sound waves on When we roamed the stars” while landing smooth and dreamy on the tranquil washes of “The Tender Sea of Space”. The latter features the lyrical soundings of Mark Steiner playing the Steiner EVI.

“Radiosonic Temple of Harmonic Sound”, one of the two lengthier tracks on the recording, nicely pairs exotic flavors with minimal rhythms and a muted sequencer pattern while synths washes and effects float along. Adventurous, lyrical and wondrous sonic sketches surfaced on “Genesis of a Super Nova”, followed by the dreamy, Eastern-inspired dronescapes and smooth pulses of the almost 15-minute “Stellar Mantra”. Half way though, the music gradually grows bigger, slightly groovy and melodic without losing much of its minimalist framework. The freeform “Final Transmission” beckons us farewell, leaving a scent that more discoveries lay ahead in the future.

All in all, “Celestial Chronicles” presents a nicely rendered collection of warm and emotive cosmic music that any avid fan of the genre shouldn’t miss out on.


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