Alpha Wave Movement – Cerulean Skies

Alpha Wave Movement - Cerulean Skies

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Alpha Wave Movement – Cerulean Skies
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Harmonic Resonance Recordings, 2017

From Gregory Kyryluk I learned the fundamentals and framework for “Cerulean Skies” were already laid out somewhere in the later 1990s. Most of the albums music, inspired by the beauty of the ever changing sky, was improvised using loops, minimal hardware and no computer sequencing, while the computer was only used for final mastering.

The six tracks are lush, quiet, dreamy and reflective ambient-space affair evoking the feel of a comfortable journey through the vast sky up above with its slow transforming and evolving patterns, pastel-colored textural pads, mellow-melodic accents along some subtle minimal-rhythmic elements. I’m especially fond of the soft sparkling and gentle swirling nature found on “Lattices of Light” and the title piece found at the end of the 50-minute release.

As Gregory states in his notes, synthetic atmospheres and rhythmic dialog depict the inherent dynamic splendor of inspiration on “Cerulean Skies”, something I can only concur upon.


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