Alpha Wave Movement – Drifted Into Deeper Lands

Alpha Wave Movement - Drifted Into Deeper Lands


Release data:

Alpha Wave Movement – Drifted Into Deeper Lands
CD, Groove Unlimited/ Harmonic Resonance Recordings, 2000/2007

The music of “Drifted Into Deeper Lands” was inspired by Gregory’s dreams and journeys into the Great Southwestern deserts of Arizona and New Mexico.

It contains more extended tracks compared to his previous work, dwelling in a slightly Steve Roach-like ambient style. It is free form soundscape music with occasional use of percussion, creating a beautiful tranquil, introspective feel which shines through all pieces.

Ambient guitarist Jeff Pearce joins Gregory on two tracks of the album. This desert immersion is created with quite an original range of sounds which I think no ambient fan should miss.

Like “Transcendence”, this album was also re-released on Gregory’s own Harmonic Resonance label, for which he included the bonus track “Canyon Clouds”.

Note: the above cd-cover comes from the original release on Groove Unlimited.


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