Alpha Wave Movement – Earthen

Alpha Wave Movement - Earthen


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Alpha Wave Movement – Earthen

On “Earthen”, Gregory Kyryluk has somehow been able to collect the best ingredients from his output as Alpha Wave Movement, blending his trademark of evocative ambient atmospherics and contemporary electronic sounds together with flares of Berlin School.

The beautiful opener “Immerse” already illustrates smooth spacescapes intwine perfectly with gentle, holdback sequencer patterns. Subtlety and introspection also apply to the mesmerizing spherics and waves making up the title track, on which a certain meditative current also can be discerned. A smooth sense of motion surfaces on the ethereal and uplifting “Pulseforms”, where I also felt a sense of classic Steve Roach shimmering through. Next are the slow drifting soundscape textures and xylophone sounds of “Source”, all creating a dreamy sphere of tranquility and minimalism along a slight Asian mood.

The cosmic theme is addressed very nicely on “Helios”, and arc or morphing, silencing waves and textures. At the end of the album, the wavering textures of “Forest” complement those of “Source” in a very cool manner. In addition, the whole album would do very well on repeat-mode as one doesn’t get tired of its valvenizing impact.

As such, “Earthen” is a very well done effort by Mr Kyryluk and a crown on the work of Alpha Wave Movement. Congrats to Gregory for this excellent release!


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