Alpha Wave Movement – Archaic Frontiers

Alpha Wave Movement - Frontiers

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Alpha Wave Movement – Archaic Frontiers
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Harmonic Resonance Recordings, 2014

The cover of this album depicts a similar environment and sphere as the one Chad Kettering used for his last release. But when it comes down to music, the outcome clearly reveals the fine musicianship all fans of Alpha Wave Movement have accustomed to since quite some years.

Mr Kyryluk presents seven atmospheric tracks sketching out beautifully rendered and gently curling desert ambient/space music with nicely-paced sequencing, (tribal) rhythms, beats and smooth melodic lines. Similar to the Roach concept albums “Western Spaces” and “Desert Solitaire”, it puts the listener amidst the wonders and intrinsic power of vast red dust terrains, huge canyons and barren rock landscapes, merging the ethereal and celestial with the organic elements of nature sophistically. The first half of the lush textured “Quiet Realm” comes closest to the first mentioned concept album, but ventures elsewhere as soon as the music is set in gentle motion. Near the end, “Promised Land” comes out more powerful with a more pronounced, “groovy” and minimalist sound design, an immersive sonic vista with great impact.

“Archaic Frontiers” is no meditative kind of storytelling, but a cinematic sonic narrative with hypnotizing and slight tribal flavors along lots of warm soundscape textures.
Nice going, Gregory!


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