Alpha Wave Movement – Harmonic Currents

Alpha Wave Movement - Harmonic Currents

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Alpha Wave Movement – Harmonic Currents
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Harmonic Resonance Recordings, 2015

Travels to the coastlines of Southern Oregon and Northern California along the hypnagogic lure of the vast ocean were the inspiration for Gregory Kyryluk to create the music of “Harmonic Currents”. According further liner notes, the outcome was conceived on a very minimal arrangement of electronics, mainly one analogue and two digital PCM synthesizers with little to no use of a computer except for the final recording stage.

The outcome, two 30-minute tracks, visualizes a cinematic panorama of vast oceans by means of slow morphing and evolving drone tapestries.
During each expansive liquid ride, darker waves are merged with lighter scapes, sparkling sound effects and choir pads to immersing, hypnotizing and enchanting effect accordingly Smooth and tender though aren’t appropriate terms for these circular longform pieces, as both have a good sense of mystery and peculiar longing shimmering between the notes.

I for one feel this is an ambient recording demanding an attentive and focussed ear as it channels the quietude of oceanic and coastal environs while it transforms with the tides.


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