Alpha Wave Movement – Horizons

Alpha Wave Movement - Horizons

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Alpha Wave Movement – Horizons
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Harmonic Resonance Recordings, 2014

According to the composer, the music on the contemporary instrumental album “Horizons” was recorded over a period of years and then assembled into a much more fluid track order.

Well, the six accessible, more song-structured compositions again give a true voice to the fine sonic craftsmanship of Gregory Kyryluk, offering an emotive, warm and expressive sonic canvas that blends a nice range of classic sounds of the ’70’s with drums/percussion, bass and some contemporary textures.

The composer’s avid love for well-crafted vintage space music is imminent on the whole album, already beautifully culminating on the outstanding 9-minute “Traveller”. Here, some lush solos float beautifully on an onward pushing tandem of sequencers, (tribal-flavored) drums, choir pads and retro textures. Moreover, the impact and beauty of the spheres above is expressed in a rhythmic-driven, uplifting fashion such as heard on “Star Bound” (the second lengthier piece). Thereafter, “Shanti” makes a soft glowing and quiet interlude. “Remnant” rounds out the album tasty and fluidly, spreading warm rays of sounds.

All in all, “Horizon” makes a fine addition to the already extensive AWM-catalogue.


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