Alpha Wave Movement – Myriad Stars

Alpha Wave Movement - Myriad Stars

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Alpha Wave Movement – Myriad Stars
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Harmonic Resonance Recordings, 2011

With “Myriad Stars”, Gregory Kyryluk aka Alpha Wave Movement brings us a nice and colourful addition to his existing catalogue of space music, and especially his album “A Distant Signal”.

These are ten tracks of atmospheric spaciousness opening a doorway to an expansive, cosmic environment, very nicely “spiced” with sequencer patterns and smooth rhythms. Gregory’s music smoothly paints beautiful farscapes in the mystic realm of the galaxy, sometimes almost symphonic, then gentle and in a more floating manner.

All in all, the outcome of “Myriad Stars”, is a nice sonic metaphore for AWM’s motto: synthesizing serenity and motion. Most certainly recommended.

For the time being, this spacemusic album is only available as digital download on ITunes, CD Baby and affiliated sites. Cds will be available shortly and sold only from the artists website directly to listeners.


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