Alpha Wave Movement – Polyphasic Music

Alpha Wave Movement - Polyphasic Music

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Alpha Wave Movement – Polyphasic Music
CD-r/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Harmonic Resonance Recordings, 2019

There’s quite a bit of sleep-inducing music around in the ambient and electronic music genre, just think of Altus’ “Sleep Theory” –trilogy, James Johnson, Eno’s “Thursday Afternoon”, Robert Rich’s “Somnium” or the works of Liquid Mind.

“Polyphasic Music” is a most calming and balanced 50-minute space to detach from the hectic, noise and speed of worldy affairs among us nowadays. To achieve the gentle morphing outcome US composer Gregory Kyryluk attempted to create a direct minimalist approach while creating four improvised soundscapes of gentle morphing textural waves and introspective drone tapestries. Its ethereal, uplifting character is imminent as it slumbers on and evolves, on “Gentle Chronotype Cycle” most notably. As such, “Polyphasic Music” is a fine means if you got a busy, stressed-out mind and wish to unwind.


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