Alpha Wave Movement – Somnus

Alpha Wave Movement - Somnus

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Alpha Wave Movement – Somnus
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Harmonic Resonance Recordings, 2018

Alpha Wave Movement’s “Somnus” delivers a calming and overtly lush sonic canvas, a nice addition to Gregory’s already extensive discography. Drawn on the early ‘80s evolution of ambient music aesthetics, the 6-track outcome offers a warm blanket of gentle and slow unfolding freeform textures along pastel-colored sequenced structures in timeless motion.

During the 54-minute pure ambient ride I was on and off reminded of Steve Hillage’s “Rainbow Dome Musick” but also of the meandering soundscapes of Don Slepian and Steve Roach from the early days. The 10-minute “Ting-Sha” shifts to an Asian drone sound with distinct meditative flavor, while Roach’s “Structures from Silence” shimmers through the flowing chords of the last track “Patterns of Fragility”.

All in all, anyone who fancies harmonic, boundless and relaxing ambient soundscapes should check out this release.



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