Alpha Wave Movement – Soniq Variants

Alpha Wave Movement - Soniq Variants

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Alpha Wave Movement – Soniq Variants
CD-R, Harmonic Resonance Recordings, 2011

As Gregory Kyryluk explains in the liner notes, the music of “Soniq Variants” is made on a few Ensoniq hardware synthesizers with slight computer assistance for compositional arrangement and audio recording. With these synths, known for their special timbral quality, Gregory mapped out eight fine tracks of ambient soundscape music with sequenced parts, all conveying a timeless space to listeners.

Opener “Sundial West” sets out nicely with smooth sequencer patterns and spacious textures, which made me think of Roach’s “Destination Horizon”. Also the warm, gliding soundscapes on next track “Eternal Panorama” stay close to the cinematic electronics and vibe found on Roach’s concept album “Western Spaces”.

Pleasant atmospheric realms are further explored on “Sustained Environment” and “Sweeping the Soniq Spectrum”. The latter piece features a pronounced solo voice, followed by engaging spatial sequencing and the input of an analogue drum machine.
“Dynamic Atmosphere”, carved out of minimal-oriented sequencers and layers of floating soundscapes, contains a strong move-forward feel with its dynamic undercurrents. “Contours & Cloudforms” elegantly rounds out he album with mesmerizing, atmospheric sensibilities.

All in all, the moody and versatile ambient outcome of “Soniq Variants” is proof the AWM-concept is still life and kicking, and more than worth a listen. It’s a pity though this kind of music more and more seems not viable anymore to be released on a factory pressed cd, as this recording certainly deserved that.


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