Alpha Wave Movement – System A

Alpha Wave Movement - System A

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Alpha Wave Movement – System A
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Harmonic Resonance Recordings, 2015

The beauty, mystery, grandness and awe of the solar system have been an inspiration for many albums by Gregory Kyryluk’s project Alpha Wave Movement, founded in 1992. “System A”, influenced by enigmatic cosmology, adds another fine chapter to the journey in these ever fascinating environs.

The warm and inviting outcome consists of carefully molded and slow evolving textural spaces to immerse into comfortably. Harmony and a blissful state are the key words here, as the chill-out ambient drift prolongs while creating new colorful farscapes.
During the ride, Gregory has implemented some mild rhythmic structures, smooth pulses, sequences and bass lines occasionally. Parts of it briefly seem to refer to his Within Reason project, such as “Asymmetrical Freefall” and “Journey the Existential Plane”.

It all makes really nice and moody stuff to break away from daily routine, stress or other worldly affairs that weight somehow upon our shoulders, especially when experienced with headphones. Keep up the good work, Gregory!

P.S. Those purchasing the physical (cd-r) edition of “System A” will receive a hidden track as a bonus.


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