Alpha Wave Movement – Terra

Alpha Wave Movement - Terra

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Alpha Wave Movement – Terra
DVD-R, Harmonic Resonance Recordings, 2006

The audiovisual production “Terra” is a journey into the hidden natural landscapes of New Zealand, which comes with an exclusive ambient soundtrack by Alpha Wave Movement.

The dvd contains 37 minutes of beautiful nature footage by Rudy Adrian, who shot some tranquilliscapes” of mountains, forests, and various water scenes which melt with the delicate flowing ambient textures of Gregory Kyryluk. The music only gets a bit more active in the last five minutes.

As an extra, the disc also includes the unreleased live 2002 cable television performance of Alpha Wave Movement. Music featured there is all previously unreleased and should appeal to listeners who enjoyed his 2000 release “Bislama”.

In fall 2007, the dvd was repackaged with all new artwork and packaging and is now also available through Film Baby.
A Quicktime preview is available on Alpha Wave Movement’s website


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