Alpha Wave Movement – The Edge of Infinity

Alpha Wave Movement - The Edge of Infinity

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Alpha Wave Movement – The Edge of Infinity
CD, Groove Unlimited, 1997

Thoughtful yet subtle ambient with a distinct mysterious angle would be a appropriate description in a nutshell for the music making up “The Edge of Infinity”, the second album by Gregory Kyryluk, aka Alpha Wave Movement.

Compared to his debut “Transcendence”, the music has matured a lot and gained more body and soul, which reflect in the intrinsic power and emotive current running through the transportive and impressionist outcome. The evocative, spacious ambient scenery with a slice of Berlin School found on each of the nine pieces has a soft glowing yet imaginative impact, morphing and evolving gently while remaining calm, transparent and at times even vaporous. After all these years, “The Edge of Infinity” still makes a pleasant and rewarding listen.

In 2008, Mr Kyryluk re-released the album with a different cover on his private label Harmonic Resonance Recordings, which included 1 (11-minute) bonus track.


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