Alpha Wave Movement – The Mystic & The Machine

Alpha Wave Movement - The Mystic & The Machine

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Alpha Wave Movement – The Mystic & The Machine
CD-R, Harmonic Resonance Recordings, 2007

On this release, Gregory Kyryluk departs his previous ambient excursions as Alpha Wave Movement, as the nine tracks on “The Mystic & the Machine” move into electronic based progressive rock music.

It focuses on the classic 1970’s sound and feel created with modern day digital synthesizers (built in the last 20 years), to which UK synthesist/guitarist Steve Hillman added some fierce guitar work on four more up-tempo tracks.
It’s a pity the drum machine sounds flat along the mellotron textures and lots of solo voices. The overall flavour of the melodic progressive rock instrumentals brings the music to mind of Focus, but also Camel and Genesis.

“The Mystic and the Machine” indeed is something completely different from what I’m familiar with from Mr Alpha Wave Movement..


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