Alpha Wave Movement – The Regions Between

Alpha Wave Movement - The Regions Between

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Alpha Wave Movement – The Regions Between
CD-R, Harmonic Resonance Recordings, 2007

Gregory Kyryluk, aka Alpha Wave Movement, also started digging his back catalogue, of which this disc is the nice outcome.

“The Regions Between” is a 48-minute compilation album, containing unreleased tracks 2001-2006. In addition, Gregory has included some liner notes on all tracks in the booklet.

The cd nicely kicks off with the drifting textures “From the Ether” (which at the end sounds part of a longer track that never happened), before the sequenced, warm space realms of “Solar Dub” with nice vintage elements introduce itself.

“Desert Light” (of Gregory feels it should have been on his album “Drifted into Deeper lands”) starts out with soft soundscapes, shortly followed by a nice sequence/rhythm with a swirling solo on top.

“Sun Tempel” slows down again, walking the space avenue with warm textures and a nice lush solo-voice. “Nucleogenesis” also dwells in light space regions with its vast soundscapes and a good dash of TD-kindred sequencing.

From the highly cinematic freeform lingerings of “Rubicon”, things further improve as we start moving deeper and deeper into cosmic, slightly Jonn Serrie like territory. This would go very well with a planetarium show.

This engaging planetarium feel continues on the next tracks, in which nice vintage sequencing, analogue sounds and rhythms move forward in a gentle manner, nicely coming to a close with the laidback soundings of the Kitaro-like “Methamorphic Dawn”.

All in all, “The Regions Between” is a worthy addition to any ambient/space music collection.
Nice going, Gregory!


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