Alpha Wave Movement – Transcendence

Alpha Wave Movement - Transcendence

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Alpha Wave Movement – Transcendence
CD, Harmonic Resonance Recordings, 1995/2007

“Transcendence” is actually the first cd by Gregory Kyryluk, aka Alpha Wave Movement.

It contains 50 minutes of beautiful, well composed, sculptured and refined electronic music which journeys into great and ambient territory.
It features marvellous, soft swelling layers of sound which drift on and off, sometimes nicely accompanied by quiet rhythms. This dreamy music sounds original and very honest to my ears, so make sure to check out this accessible collection of music.

Gregory re-released the album in 2007 with a different cd cover, which included two bonus tracks from the same period, which sound like some sort of epilogue to the previous tracks.

Note: the above cd-cover is taken from the original cd from 1995.


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