Altus – Anthropoaliena


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Altus –  Anthopoaliena
CD-r/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2022

Here’s the first Altus release since composer Mike Carss decided to quit his job and dedicate all his time and effort on his music projects. “Anthropoaliena”, referred to as a sequel to the 2018 album “Pioneer” of a planned trilogy, continues Altus’ journey into the immense cosmic outdoors where the outcome acts as a soundtrack for explorers of a new planet beyond our solar system.

The grand design reflects in expansive, highly emotive soundscapes of opener “Frontier” before shifting to a contemporary electronic style through arpeggiated synth pad, sequences and rhythms on the quite songlike-oriented pieces “Recon”, “Survey Scan” and “Farlink”. They are not bad but something different and a tad superficial compared to what I was familiar with from Altus until now. As the recording unfolded further, the more I started to soarly miss the majesty, depth and grace found in Altus previous freeform textural expanses.

Some of this realm resurfaces on the final 15-minute track “We are Alien”, but here paired beautifully with a faster-paced poignant sequence to make things sparkle altogether. This last track -contrary the previous five tracks- does work for me in the end. In the end, I can’t deny I expected more.



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