Altus – Complex Silence 22

Altus - Complex Silence 22

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Altus – Complex Silence 22
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Treetrunk, 2012

As usual, Mike Carss (aka Altus) had not much to say about the music on “Complex Silence 22”, a release in a series of albums of enigmatic atmospheres & soundfields created by fellow-ambient composer Phillip Wilkerson.
Once again, Mike displays he’s a master in creating beautiful textural music with a contemporary classic touch, sketching a vast scenery of contemplative, soft glowing ambient farscapes without rhythm that are perfect to sooth and massage the mind.

It’s sombre, subtle, long-form ambient poetry with occasional soft piano that seems to dissolve in space and time while tapping into the deep end in a profound harmonic sense. These smooth, spacious and warm synth washes are perfect to immersive into and to be cherished with headphones.

“Complex Silence 22” is available as free download from the Treetrunk netlabel.



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