Altus – Descender

Altus - Descender

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Altus – Descender

CD-r/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2023

“Descender” explores the sonic roots of Altus’ past, journeying back to more melodic/structured and varied music, pre-Altus of the mid and late 90s to be more precise. Back then, Mike Carss wasn’t into ambient music at all, instead creating busy, beat-driven, and heavily melodic music inspired by the EDM and IDM made back in those days.

As such, lots of tweaked sounds and rather weird sound structures are found on each of the six tracks, too hectic and restless for my ears. Fortunately, things are slowed down on the final track “End of the Line”, a  widescreen sequencer-driven soundscape accompanied by wavering synth lines, but it still feels distant and abstract.

Altogether, this release is neither the kind of music I’m into nor does it tick any boxes for me.


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