Altus – Excursion Three

Altus - Excursion Three

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Altus – Excursion Three
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Earth Mantra , 2014

This recording, originally planned for release in 2011, marks the final chapter in Mike Carss fine “Excursion”-series. “Excursion Three” contains three sonic journeys with lush, melodic, slowly moving yet progressive-flavored electronic music.

The free form, pastel-colored sonic landscape laid out here complements the previous recordings beautifully, painting velvet textural sceneries before the mind’s eye with an ongoing string of soothing and uplifting waves washing ashore and drifting away profoundly sensitive and gently. This intrinsic mood music also carries some slight melancholic undercurrents though, most notably on the gracious “Gathering the Moments”.

To me, this soft wavering piece with gentle piano tones and neoclassical elements gives a true voice to feelings of being left alone and things in life that matter, but have been lost or run out of sight in the always ongoing spirals of time. After that, the splendor rises smoothly on the 30-minute “Silver Shores” that puts an end to the album.



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